The Issues


Our administration in Dearborn will have a mandate to move aggressively on lowering our property taxes. We need to remain competitive in keeping and attracting new families and new business.

The career politicians have only ever given us excuses as to why it can’t happen. But they don’t understand finance like I do. During my forty years in business, I’ve overseen billions of dollars in transactions.  I’ve seen economic crashes, including our latest brought on by the COVID pandemic. It’s always been my job to lead citizens out of those dire times. I know how to do it. I’ve done it. And I’ll do it for Dearborn.

Every other candidate will tell you it cannot be done. That’s simply not true. The formula for lowering taxes, without losing services, is really pretty simple:

Streamline services.
Build more housing.
Attract new business.
Create resident incentives.

Dearborn needs a leader who is laser focused on making sure your money is spent effectively and wisely. Have the career politicians proven they can do that for you?

Our longevity will depend on our ability to attract and retain young families. To do this, we must move aggressively to expand our housing stock, offering young families the amenities they desire.

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Emerging from the Pandemic

The COVID pandemic has had a profound effect on our nation. Frankly, I feel strongly that the financial implications of COVID are just beginning.

What does that look like for municipalities, in terms of services? What do the structural changes mean to our city? Less workers will be in offices. What does that mean for those properties and our tax base?

Dearborn must be at the forefront of keeping our residents healthy. I will do everything I can to make sure we are testing our residents and distributing vaccines effectively and equitably. Our next Mayor must be someone who has experience in helping businesses emerge out of dire circumstances. I’ve done that time and again. Do you really trust the career politicians to help us out of this mess they helped to create?

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Modernization of Services

Dearborn residents have consistently supported and demanded a full spectrum of city services over the years. And those services won’t go anywhere under our administration.  We will examine and implement how to deliver these services and more by utilizing technology and modern methods.

All cities are seeing a stronger demand for digital services. We need to modernize our city to remain competitive. Have the career politicians achieved this?

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Dearborn is Open for Business

The Mayor of Dearborn is the CEO of a $250 million dollar entity. That number jumps to $600 million if you include pensions and other programs.
I’m the only candidate with a broad experience in finance, municipal bonding, and business.

Every day, I’ll be focused on this question:

How do we foster an environment to attract investment that creates jobs for our families who want to stay here and make Dearborn their home for generations?

Dearborn will be better positioned if we concentrate on growing the tax base and lessening our dependency on Ford. Ford will be better served by this effort as well. More jobs and small business will allow us to flourish, raising everybody’s property values. Everyone wins.

I am anxious to work with our jewel, the Ford Motor Company. Ford, like many companies, is dealing with “seismic change” and uncertainty. Now, more than ever, Ford needs a partner in City Hall who understands the demands of today’s business environment. What we do at the municipal level has a material impact on everyone’s major investments in our city.

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Police and Fire

Dearborn has always prided itself on having wonderful police and fire services. I would continue to support our public safety workers to make sure they have everything they need to keep us safe . At the same time, after this summer’s racial unrest, I will implement continuous training and education for our officers and firefighters.

Chief Haddad  and Chief Murray have done a wonderful job for all of us, and I look forward to working with them in continuing to make Dearborn a safe and welcoming community.

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When I ran four years ago, I said that our diversity is our greatest strength. And that’s still true today. Whether your family settled Dearborn like the Ten Eycks, whether they came here from Europe a few generations ago, or whether they just arrived from the Arab world, we are all in this together.

Our Arab American community has been instrumental in revitalizing Dearborn’s economy throughout the city. Their hard work and dedication are a model for all Americans.

Whether you say “Peace be upon you” on Sunday or you say “Salaamu Alaykum” on Fridays, we are all one big Dearborn family.

When we always keep that in mind, Dearborn can achieve anything.